Our program is for kids ages 6-10, developing physical abilities, self confidence, and strong social skills.

For kids ages 6-10, the Kids program develops good motor patterns and physical skills in a fun, social environment.  The Kids program can help children develop for sport, making them more well-rounded and coordinated, or provide an alternative to traditional team sports for kids who are less-inclined to find enjoyment in the traditional team structure.  The Kids program is also a great way to develop self-confidence, assertiveness, and a positive attitude toward challenges.

  • Ages 6-10

  • Coach-led classes

  • Develops coordination, balance, and age-appropriate strength

  • Fun, social environment

  • Great preparation for sports (or an alternative to team sports)

  • Helps build self-confidence, assertiveness, and a positive mental outlook

  • Two Classes each week: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:00 p.m.

  • Class is one hour

  • Can't make our classes, contact us about private one-on-one training sessions

  • FREE Trial Class Available

If you'd like to see if the Kids Program is a good fit for your child, register for a FREE Trial Class by clicking the button below.  You'll meet the coaches, your child will join a class, and we'll work together to make sure Gantry Kids is the best gym for your needs, with no obligation and no hard sell.  We're looking forward to having you at the Gym.