We offer coach-led classes for kids of all ages.  Find yours below.


For children ages 3-5, Pre-Kids is geared toward developmental growth.  Each class provides a safe, supportive environment to enable kids to do what they do naturally: play, socialize, and learn.  In the process, they develop physically and mentally, increasing balance, bone density, and coordination.  Pre-Kids is a great start to creating a lifelong habit of exercise.


For kids ages 5-10, the Kids program develops good motor patterns and physical skills in a fun, social environment.  The Kids program can help children develop for sport, making them more well-rounded and coordinated, or provide an alternative to traditional team sports for those less-inclined to find enjoyment in the traditional team structure.  The Kids program is also a great way to develop self-confidence, assertiveness, and a positive attitude toward challenges.

Pre-Teens and Teens

For older children and young adults, ages 11-16, our Pre-Teen/Teen Program is an excellent way to develop physical competence while giving teenagers a strong sense of self-worth and accomplishment.  Each class follows a set structure and presents a series of achievable (but challenging) workouts, along with a group component that develops the skills they will need in adulthood, including team work, community, accountability and responsibility for results.  

Private Group Training for Sport Teams

For teams looking to build strength and conditioning during the off season and maintain it during the season, our private group training program is ideal for teams looking to enhance their performance on the field.  We focus on helping each individual athlete get stronger physically as well as mentally while building team camaraderie.  Our private team group training is scheduled at a time that works best for the team with programming specific to the needs of the team. 

Personal Training for Kids

For children looking to enhance their sport performance or build their physical literacy, our one-on-one training program is great for athletes looking to get stronger and faster on the field or kids that may not enjoy team sports or a group class atmosphere.  We also have experience and love to work with children that are differently able!  One-on-ones will take your child to the next level both physically and emotionally!